“3. Just forget personalized souvenirs, OK?”

From a list of the “15 Most Annoying Parts of Having a Unique Name” …

[1] Unique? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

[2] Note that a mass-produced souvenir featuring a common name and sold a tourist trap counts as “personalized”.

… more like FacadeBook …

Query …

Do black people feel the same way about Wes Anderson movies the way white people feel toward Tyler Perry movies?

Le sigh …

Jean-Paul Sartre’s blog.

Hell is other blogs.

“Try telling that to the spirits of Ibsen and Brecht! […]”

“[…] Because you’ve just trampled ALL over them.”

Children’s Theater Critic with Alfred Molina

“Be the thermostat, not the thermometer.”

This — a line from a BYU defensive player — a sportscaster reported to her play-by-play colleagues during the Oregon State / BYU game midway through the 4th quarter. “Turn up the heat?” one replied; the other wasn’t sure that as a catchphrase or motivational line it would stick.

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Every time I go into Kmart …

… I feel like it is a holodeck episode. Shit gonna go bad fast.

Pregnant Pause.

Sentence aborted …

Nefarious Cockmunch

Is it a name, a (book/movie) title, your mom’s new polka band, a profession?

Or Benedicht Cumberbatch’s alter-ego?

It’s Just a Vagina.