Two months down, ten to go

Already the end of February?

I’m not even done with my dissertation yet! (insert maniacal laughter, followed by weeping)

Today was baked-goods-Wednesday in the department. I took in a pumpkin pie I made Tuesday evening along with some whipped cream — nearly a pint — that I stored in an old, cleaned out “Oatscream” container. Needless to say, thought I’ll say it anyway, said container confused a few of the departmental folks, who saw “Oatscream” (non-dairy frozen dessert!) but wanted whipped cream, which was what was staring them in the face. Most realized it for what it was; a few remained confused enough to eat their pie plain.

Another, Regina, held off on the pie until she found out that I had made it, not so much because she loves my pie, but rather because, as I learned, perhaps last year or so another, not-too-well-liked colleagues whose baking skills evidently aren’t that great, brought in pumpkin pie once or twice or even thrice and Regina was sorely disappointed. She wanted to make sure said colleague was not once again the source of the pie. As soon as she learned the truth, she nearly galloped down the hall and snatched last slice.

Now here was the good part about the pie: it slid away from the pie tin with no effort. I cut twelve slices, and they all just came out. *poof* or *BAM* or something. In any case it was a good pie, nothing magical, but good, and the crust was tasty, again. I have extra pie filling in the fridge.

My class “won” — Julie was doing a pilot study, needed students to do written surveys, and in order to aid participation promised an “award” for the class with the best participation rate. In the 5th & 6th semester category I beat Lynn’s class by a few students, so we got a freshly baked Apfelkuchen with Cool Whip. Good stuff. We also had some high school visitors (from Wauwatosa East and West high schools), and we discussed Kusenberg’s “Schnell gelebt” over the course of the hour.

I made a mistake. I forgot to transition my wallet from yesterday’s pants to today’s pants and so when I got to the department I realized, “Shit, no wallet, no money …” After stopping by 4-Star to return some DVDs I just caught the bus home; no point in going to Fair Trade if I couldn’t buy a coffee. Instead I went home, paid rent, gathered my wallet, and walked around the corner to Mother Fool’s to enjoy coffee, wireless, writing, and reading for a few hours. I packed up in time to return home and catch Lost.

Without giving away many spoilers, it was a great, character-centered episode. It didn’t advance the plot much; it brought Kate and Sawyer back to the main group (as was clear from the preview/trailer) and gave Hurley a purpose/task of sorts. It gave us Roger “Workman” … see for yourself … and beer. The final “revelation” was problematic for a very simple reason: I suspected it from the very first time the character in question showed up on screen, and I suspect most viewers reacted similarly, unless they’re blind or brain dead or both.

Besides: meteorite nailing a fast food joint? Classic.

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