She said: “para … lyzed …”

I don’t know exactly how Russendisko went over with the students; for all but Natallia and Sara it was clearly rather difficult, though most of them picked out some good details.

Thereafter I went back to my office for a while and then packed up for a trip to State Street for lunch with Mike. It had begun to rain — more like drizzle at the time — so I pulled out my umbrella, and it was windy and cool as I strode over Bascom Hill.

I go to the Mediterranean Cafe shortly before 1:30 and waited for Mike, who arrived a few minutes later. The Med was rather busy so, looking for something filling, we headed across the way to Chipotle, which I had previously not visited but which was recommended to me in a way by Leslie way-back-when. The fajita burrito was delicious (I had it with steak, Mike with chicken). Prices were higher than at Qdoba. In terms of taste and texture the main difference was that I like Chipotle’s rice a bit more. The Chipotle Tabasco sauce is smokey and salty and almost savory and I liked it a lot, though I’m quite happy with Qdoba’s sauce, and given the price advantage (and I like Qdoba’s service better, at least on State Street), I think I’ll head to Qdoba instead.

Evidently the hostel is looking to change registrars and hosts for their website, so we chatted about that for a good long time, though since I do not know exactly what their current host offers in terms of service(s).

It still rained as we walked up State Street toward Fair Trade, where I stopped for a fritter and coffee; he continued to the hostel, but we chatted for a few minutes, and this weekend he (and Sherie) might come over for a movie. They’re heading to Jamaica next week; J&C are off to St. Thomas. I’ll be staying here.

I got my tickets (plane) to So-Cal for the reunion, and I also paid my reunion fees, which ran to $105 due to registration and all the dinners and lunches and a final, Sunday champagne brunch.

At Fair Trade I wrote a bit and switched back to a hot coffee — I’d had iced coffee on Monday — due to the weather, and once I was done writing I returned to my doodles and sketches from during the conference last weekend and refined them, filling in shading and details, though primarily the former. I find that what I’m doing right now is not drawing with pens or ink — I’m painting in ink and I’m shading as if I were using a pencil. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but I find it fascinating.

Tonight was Lost, and I won’t post any spoilers at this point in this place, but damn that was a fun episode. It was narratively smart. Not necessarily innovative — and Lost has almost run out of tricks in that regard — but it did a great job at recasting so much of the past two and a half seasons via its flashbacks.

I got through several Pearl Jam singles this evening, but there is much more PJ to go. I watched a few new-ish trailers at, such as the one for “Pathfinder” — let’s call it Lord of the Rings + Last of the Mohicans … it’s 900 C.E. and Vikings invade North America, encountering and fighting native Americans. I have no idea whether it will be any good, but the trailer was quite a collection of action clips.

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