Friday: Spring Break nears …

… and so I had to teach, albeit briefly.

The great surprise was that 12 of 15 students showed up for class. On top of that, they asked for “Subjunctive I” information … they *asked* for grammar. And then, that aside (and after reading a passage from The Neverending Story [in German]) we watched a few minutes of episode 2 of Tuerkisch fuer Anfaenger. Quite entertaining … they laughed a good deal.

Back in the office I found myself spending too much time on YouTube looking up Laibach videos, Eurovision 2006 videos (the Bosnian entry, the Turkish entry … music videos and the live performances), and some 3-2-1 Contact clips. Nostalgia, I tell you. I couldn’t find the Laibach I wanted, but YouTube, when properly scanned, is a great resource for nifty pop-culture stuff. And yet, because of its nature, the lack of “experts” … there are plenty of “specialists” with esoteric interests, the results of which are “random shit” being posted, but there was nothing from the Transsylvanians (yes — double-ss), nothing really from Ando Drom, one Besh o droM vide, a reference to Arik Brauer (a cover of one of his songs, sort of), and old, 1986 Timna Brauer stuff. That is, things I am interested in are hard to find … but then, I find a famous Hungarian poem read by a famous Hungarian actor … read decades ago, somehow captured from a TV broadcast.

Random crap.

It’s great.

Tonight is meet-Lynn-Kris-Jack-Claire-and-others at La Hacienda night … it’s really about the margaritas, I’ve been told. Thus, no time for catching up on music, except for a few Pearl Jam songs. Still hours of the stuff to go. But there is time for reading more of The Secret History.

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