So many dead bugs

Last night I had a swarm of gnats — midges? — or rather swarms in my apartment, around the lights, and so I turned on lights farther (further … whichever) away from me to attract them … elsewhere.

And I took the Dust Buster to them, sucking them up, and then flushing them down the drain. But they came back, the fittest, the ones quicker than the vacuum, and when I went to bed I could hear a few buzzing hear my head.

God how I hate bugs these days. As a kid I liked many of them. pill bugs (a type of mite), even grasshoppers (I did a 3rd grade report on them, complete will anatomical illustration), and daddy longlegs (aka the ‘harvestman spider,’ which is not a spider, but another type of arachnid more closely related to ticks). Now I despise most of them except at an intellectual level at which they fascinate me.

But this afternoon my desk was if not blanketed at least dusted with or by gnat carcasses. It is possibly the same elsewhere. Perhaps they ran out of food, flew themselves silly until they ran only on empty. I know not. A few corpses were hanging from the ceiling, perhaps caught by spider silk.

This afternoon a powerful and welcome storm swept like a giant wet broom through town, blowing away promising blossoms and aged dandelions, tipping over potted plants and pushing over trees. Rain hit the roof and did not drip to the ground but flowed and found channels and became waterfalls. Wind whistled and chimed and charmed and I wanted to go stand in the rain and look to the sky and smile. But instead I baked brownies.

Tonight I’ll have a trip to Woodman’s with Jen and her visiting friend “Jenny” from Iowa who grew up in Minnesota and to whom, as a child, Fargo was the closest “city.” We’ll go shopping because visiting Jenny has a car.

In the real of comics I got caught up on a few recent but not “new” Marvel issues, including Wolverine (vol. 3) 53 … mediocre, but pretty, with silly alt-evolutionary pseudo-science for the sake of a pseudo-plot, but it contradicts known Marvel mythology. I also read X-Men: First Class No. 8, which had some hungry hungry hippos and Gorilla Man. The dialog was a tad archaic at times but still full of character.

In terms off music I continued post-t.A.T.u with Temple of the Dog and then began the “The” bands, including The Allman Brothers, The Animals, and The Avalanches (“Frontier Psychiatrist” — that’s a great, great song!). I’m now on The Beatles … 7 hours worth.

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