At the midnight hour …

With her head tucked underneath her arm
She walks the bloody tower
With her head tucked underneath her arm
at the midnight hour

It’s a nigh of Kingston Trio music tonight.

Soon to be replaced by more of season 1 of Charmed, specifically episodes 15 and 16, the most I have. I have some Doctor Who to catch up on, but I don’t yet have the 9th episodes of season 3 (8, 10, and 11 yes, but not 9) and since it’s the second part of a 2-parter I figured I’d hold off until it’s available.

There are number of new comics available this week from Marvel, but most are crap. They’ve begun a new, luckily limited, Sub-Mariner series (6 issues). There’s a new New Avengers, New X-Men, and New Excalibur. Since there is an X-Men series being published, New X-Men makes enough sense, but there is no reason for the “New” in New Avengers and New Excalibur, and I suspect that at some point Marvel will change the titles, dropping the “New,” or cancel the titles and start new ongoings with the same characters/teams but without the “New.” Of course, that could take a year ore more. New Avengers is at 31 and Marvel won’t do anything to 50 unless the sales drop dramatically, I think, but New Excalibur is a Chris Claremont title and seems to exist primarily as a way to give him something to do. His characters, his stories and quirks, and no real connection to the rest of the Marvel universe so unimportant. Enjoyable when done well, though.

I’ll just read Cable and Deadpool instead.

From links-land I can offer the following:

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