Old week or new week?

I awoke on time this morning, having set my alarm so I could make it to town for brunch/lunch and writing with Richard and Amy. I went back to — a fitful — sleep for a while with a couple disturbing dreams that mixed elements from a theater production and my parents trying to sabotage my projects.

Richard, Amy and I met in front of Parthenon at 11 and moseyed first to Amy’s Cafe and then to the Sunroom, which Amy preferred for its more expansive menu and better view. We had to wait a few minutes to be seated; it was awfully busy, but our arrival was just right, as a couple tables of people were leaving. After we were seated there was no line at the door for quite a while. Their omelets and other breakfast options are affordably priced, though not cheap. But not expensive. And the coffee is botttomless for $1.50 … but no one is going to sit there all day and work. It’s a restaurant, not a coffee shop.

And they don’t have wireless.

Richard and Amy had made a mistake, forgetting the time zone shift, and thought we had until 1 before writing — we had until noon. As it was, we were only 20 minutes late. After brunch we walked up State Street to Fair Trade, got tables in the back, plugged in, logged on, got drinks, and wrote.

I wrote crap, but it was still relaxing crap. Helen messed with continuity, ignoring points I’d made a couple weeks ago, but that’s another topic.

Once Amy and Richard left — afternoon nap before meeting with Julia and Nick — I stayed around to write other things, email, and the like. I read more of Prague, to which I might return this evening. The people-watching was not particularly fulfilling; my angle was off. I doodled very little.

I caught a #4 home, and Jen was onboard, so we chatted. Rather, I chatted too much. Talked of Hans, of the library, and asked about housing. The short answer — yay! — is that Jen took the Virginia job, leaving Christoph in need of a housemate and me with a place to live. And I can move in before August 1st of July 31st. All I have to do is find “transportation” … I hesitate to use a U-Haul, for they’re so cumbersome and unwieldy. A friend with a pickup would be great, primarily for the bed, for otherwise a car or two would do the trick.

Anybody want to help?

So with that out of the way and the ability to go a semester without work if necessary I can concentrate on writing now, for the rest of June and almost all of July. Write a 100 pages? Who knows. Richard recommended the John O’Meara approach (one month, like a hermit, write it all) … I’m not sure I can do that, but close, I think.

Today: The Rasmus, to be followed by the Rolling Stones. I had the Ramones yesterday. I don’t know from whom I got The Rasmus (“Dead Letters” from 2003 or 2004) but it’s enjoyable enough, a mainly rock sound with a bit of pop and, unfortunately, occasional tinges of “nu-metal,” that are, luckily, not too frequent. It’s catchy, but doesn’t stand out such that I’ll want to listen to any particular song again and again.

Disposable I guess.

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