2013.01.01: SP update

The briefest of updates:

  • TV (x2)
  • Food
  • Fitness

(1) ‘The X-Files’ — we began season three, “The Blessing Way.” Ms. S. is upset at another cliffhanger of sort! Bwahahaha …

(2) We’ve continued with ‘Dollhouse,’ up to episode 7 of season 1 … in which everyone goes cuckoo! It’s also the episode in which it appears everyone is mocking Eliza Dushku because she has one, nearly monotone delivery and expression for all the ‘characters’ she ‘plays,’ whereas everyone else gets to ham it up and display rather extensive range … and she’s not in on the joke.

(3) Back to eating “good food” … finished my batch of eggs for breakfast, with my traditional dose of oats; after tasty potatoes and spinach during lunch I provided a hearty salad for dinner to go with our rice and broccoli. Trust me, it was tastier than it sounds … but that could be due to the sardines I added to help me reach my daily protein goal. Sardines were my non-veggie (or related) ‘discovery’ of 2012 (discovering that I liked them well enough).

(4) And I got two batches of ‘exercise’ in this morning: the 8 minute cardio interval video, but first eleven minutes of 5BX. I almost wish I’d done it in reverse because I was pooped midway through the video, had to take a couple minute break, and then continue.

Now Ms. S. and I are looking for an evening movie to watch.

Happy New Year.

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