“We should be more like …” [Jin Jeong]

Who is Jin? She describes herself as “a young South Korean female” and that she “wanted to hitchhike and see the universe. But I changed my mind and decided first to see more of this world.” Why is she relevant, what is she doing? Beginning in September, 2011, she’s biking around the world.

1. This is a reminder of that question: why are we not doing exceptional things?

2. As a friend commented, “The website, incidentally, is wonderful, and I’ve loyally followed it for over a year […]” And he’s right … it’s wonderful.

3. As I write this, her last update — 30th March, 2013 — was from Francistown, Botswana, and I only wish I’d noticed this (been following the updates) earlier, as that’s where my brother lives. He is off making the world better.

4. A list …

5. So I ask again, why are we not doing exceptional things?

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