A week in review

The pumpernickel (see last entry) turned out tasty but not particularly elegant as a loaf of bread. A bit dense and not well-formed as a loaf, I can only call it a noble failure. I’ve had similar problems the other times I used that particular recipe and I’m tempted to find and try something new.

Books: This last week I read three novels.
Sabine by A.P.
The Keep by Jennifer Egan
Book by Robert Grudin

I started the following by reading the first chapters:
Recursion by Tony Ballantyne
While the Sun Shines by John Harding

A friend, Amy, is almost finished with The Dispossessed by Ursula Le Guin. I have the same edition and have read the first few pages. Another acquaintance, Steve, considers it one of his favorites, and it is, evidently, a rather quick 400-page read.

Movies: I picked up four movies from 4-Star on Friday.
– Harold and Maude by Hal Ashby: Angela recommended it, and I’ve meant to see it for years.
– Being There by Hal Ashby and starring Peter Sellers: Angela recommend this one and that’s why I got it and Harold and Maude. Supposed to be quite good.
– Fire and Ice by Ralph Bakshi: the art is by or inspired by Frank Frazetta and is sort of a typical Conan-clone pre-history barbarian romp. The 2nd DVD is a Frazetta-specific documentary.
– Henry V by Kenneth Branagh: I love Shakespeare and I love Branagh, but this is the Branagh Shakespeare I have missed up to this point, even thought it’s the award-winning one. I’ve actually never read “Henry V” either; we did Henry IV at Pomona and I’ve seen My Own Private Idaho a few times to boot.

Music: This week I finished “J” and got through much of “K,” which — musically — is a rather short letter, consisting primarily of Kalyi Jag (“Black Fire,” a Hungarian Roma folk group) and Kathleen Edwards, by whom I have but a small collection of folk-country stylized songs. All quite pretty and well-done (sung, produced, etc.). I also have an album of music (“Sahra,” 1996) by Khaled, an Algerian singer.

TV: Monday and Wednesday are the “live” nights for Heroes and Lost. I got caught up on BSG, finished season 3 of Alias and watched season 4 again, and began season 5. I acquired some more of Good Eats.

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