Workless Wednesday Placeholder, or: “It’s smaller on the outside.”

That’s a first. Now this feels like a vacation. Sleeping in late, eating leftovers, watching TV, and relaxing.

  1. We got home after midnight; the girls got fed then (rather than 6pm) and so didn’t even inquire about breakfast until about 9am.
  2. We each got lots of chocolate in our stockins (hung from many chimney places with care … that’s what you get in a home with that many fireplaces)
  3. And so we ate our shares while watching the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special and the next ‘X-Files’ episode, “Humbug.”
  4. We also made more pizza (the ‘more’ requires an explanation, but this is just a numbered summary) and while it wasn’t quite as delicious as that enjoyed on the 25th, it still fit the bill.
  5. We followed up quality TV time with episode of ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Veritas,’ the second of each. Then came ‘Swordfish’ …, ah, you Joel Silver produced hot mess!

Brief aside: I have loved ‘Doctor Who’ since the 2005 reinvention … it was “Rose,” with Eccleston’s manic running, the music … just everything. And then the “Bad Wolf” revelation(s), losing Rose to a parallel universe, River Song, Matt Smith’s first episode … “The Girl in the Fireplace,” and more! I’ve watched a half dozen or more Christmas specials now, along with Easter specials and the like.

I would not say that I love “The Snowmen.”

“The Snowmen” is not about loving ‘Doctor Who’ … it’s about falling in love with ‘Doctor Who.’

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