“Don’t Cry Over Spelt Milk”

Most of the people who have committed “spelt milk” to the IntarWebs have done so intending to write “spilled milk”. Some have, it seems, meant “spelt” as an alternative to “spelled” and intended a pun, the purpose of which currently escapes me. And a few have meant a non-dairy beverage.

Google indeed tells me, “Showing results for ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’, which is, of course, not what interested me. The first result that did match my criteria was about spelt:

Don’t cry over “Spelt” Milk

You may be asking, “What is spelt?”. Native to Iran and southeastern Europe, spelt is one of the world’s most popular grains with a heritage thought to extend back 7,000 years.

But not about spelt milk.

The next several results had the following usage:

  • Beyond The Cosomos, The Science of Man Into the path of the Cosmoian Tradition by Rev. JT Philips, “In reverse: very rude person, bearing one’s gifts, don’t cry over spelt milk, do something with your life, I see you can be stubborn at times, and not well liked.”
  • from Twitter, “@Totalbiscuit you spelt ‘duct’ wrong”, to which the responses were “@JonnyAKlassen you spelled spelled wrong” and “@Totalbiscuit @JonnyAKlassen Something, something, don’t cry over spelt milk.”
  • A Personal Development for Smart People Forums post, “Spelt is a grain like rice. They make milk from rice so someday they may make milk out of spelt. Then if you are drinking some and spill it, someone may say don’t cry over spelt milk.” … hey! That’s what I was looking for!
  • From a forum thread “Fucking Damn Males!!!, “it’s ok man, don’t cry over spelt milk. leave them to ripe than cure them and smoke them. most of the time is ok. you just need more and they doesn’t taste that good.”
  • In a “2013 predictions thread “Don’t cry over spelt milk” comes after “Spelt?” and, before that, “Please note my spelling isn’t poor, it’s just some words are spelt different here in Australia”
  • For something completely different, we have the topic “Soluble Fiber Crying” in the users posts on Treato, and that instance of “don’t cry over spelt milk” is just a link back to the ‘Personal Development’ post above … but the page is composed of links linking soluble fiber and crying, and decontextualized to search result snippets they’re almost poetic … almost.

I had been hoping that “Don’t Cry Over Spelt Milk” would be a marketing phrase for spelt milk, but alas it was not to be. The Google results continued as above and I was disappointed. But as for spelt milk:

Now I want to make Horchata.

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